PlayStation 5 Pro spec leak points to AI upscaling and audio improvements

Sony PS5 standing upright against grey background
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Details about the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 Pro have leaked, with Insider Gaming backing up their legitimacy.

New features such as AI upscaling, a 'High CPU Frequency' mode, improved rendering, and faster ray tracing mean the PS5 Pro should be a genuine improvement over the standard model. However, until Sony confirms everything, it's best not to take any leaks as gospel. 

Leaked documentation on the upcoming PlayStation model has been verified by sources who wish to remain anonymous. Insider Gaming has confirmed the documentation came from a PlayStation developer portal, which was sent out to a wider group of third-party developers. 

One of the main attractions appears to be the PSSR (PlayStation spectral super-resolution upscaling) which is said to be powered by an AI Accelerator and provides AI upscaling and antialiasing solutions for 'Pro' games. 

Rendering is said to be 45 per cent faster with the PS5 Pro, and it also supposedly supports resolutions up to 8K. The new model should also provide two to three times the ray tracing capabilities – in some cases up to four times. 

It looks likely that the PS5 Pro will feature an identical 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU to the standard model. However, the new model is said to offer a new ‘High CPU Frequency mode’ which will allow the CPU to run 10 per cent faster by allocating more power from the GPU. This is achieved by slightly downclocking the GPU by just 1 per cent.

The PS5 Pro's audio processing looks set to run at a higher clock speed compared to the standard PS5 and is said to provide 35 per cent more performance.

According to the latest info, the PS5 Pro will offer 576 GB/s of RAM, marking a 28 per cent increase over the standard model which runs at 448 GB/s. The Pro model is said to run more efficiently overall, which could mean that bandwidth gain may be even greater. 

It’s also worth noting that the PS5 Pro is set to include a detachable disc drive, much like the current edition of PS5, along with 1TB of storage.

The leaks suggest Sony is gearing up to release the PlayStation 5 Pro later in the year, perhaps during the 2024 holiday season. Pricing information has not been made available and according to sources, it probably won’t surface for a few months. We will keep you up to date with all the latest news as we get it!


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