The XDP-100R is one of the first products compatible with Meridian's MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology.

Pioneer has officially launched the XDP-100R, its first high-resolution player with MQA support, available now for £500. MQA, or Master Quality Authenticated, is a music technology from Meridian which promises to package studio quality master files so they take up less space for hi-res streaming and downloads.

Pioneer already has high-res compatible music streamers and AV receivers at its disposal, but this is the first portable hi-res player from the company, and launches following an initial announcement back in September. MQA support, however, will come with a firmware update in early 2016.

The XDP-100R is a touchscreen device, with a 4.7in Full HD display. It runs on Android's Lollipop operating system, which means you can download services such as TidalApple Music and BBC iPlayer Radio from the Google Play store and listen to them on the Pioneer.

In fact, music streaming apps Tidal, Spotify and Deezer will come pre-loaded on the XDP-100R.

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Format support is extensive and includes everything from low-res MP3s all the way up to DSD and 24-bit/384kHz FLAC/WAV files.

The player comes pre-loaded with the Onkyo Music online service, which gives you the ability to download high-res music without needing to connect to a computer. Pioneer's own X-DAP Link app allows you to transfer any other music files stored on a computer.

Out of the box storage is 32GB, but two microSD memory card slots (which can support up to 200GB each) mean the player can potentially be beefed up to 432GB. Plenty of space for your lossless library.

There's aptX Bluetooth and wi-fi support, and connectivity includes a micro USB output and 3.5mm auxiliary and headphone ports.

Pioneer claims that the player features a high-grade DAC and specially selected internal components to help reduce noise and improve audio quality. There's also built-in sound adjustment, such as 384kHz upsampling and realtime DSD conversion to 5.6MHz.

The Pioneer XDP-100R is available now in black or silver finishes for £500. 

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magicrabbit's picture


Funny, they are all copying the A&K design...

The TEAC HA-P90SD, and now the Pionneer.

Tim2010's picture

£1000-£4000 players and hifi

£1000-£4000 players and hifi-components will definately bring hi-res to the masses Dash 1.  Are they living in another world? The majority of people won't even pay for music or hifi, even if they can afford it Blush

Graham Luke's picture

Good point.

I simply do not believe that these players need to be so expensive but then, as they know they will only be selling to a tiny market, they would seem to have priced accordingly.

I'll stick to lossless and 256 AAC from my phone with quality 'phones and in-ears, thank you very much.

celsius's picture

pioneer hi res player

think i will stick with my a&k jr which has 245gb and cost about £600 inc the 200gb micro sd card and a case, don'twant or need any extras like google play,qobuz etc just want a player that sounds great if i wanted android i'd buy a phone

magicrabbit's picture

Not worth the money

Better to spend the money in high quality headphones. THIS really makes the difference.

utomo's picture

Good Job pioneer.  I think

Good Job pioneer.  I think the price and performance ratio is better than AK.  Keep improving the products.  Including more built in memory and better sound

Lancaster's picture

Low volume

Been playing with this device since three days. There is one big problem. The sound level is not sufficient. I get more from my iPhone5 with the same 50ohm Sennheiser hd598. Especially with quieter numbers this is really a shame. Could it be because of a built in limit for the European market? The iPhone lets you switch that off. I don't think it is normal that I would have to put every setting up to the max in order to get an acceptable sound level. And even then it many times is not enough. Also max output, high gain, max eq, they all drain the battery. Mp3's output is allright, but flac often is not. This really calls for a firmware update. Or a refund...