Pro-Ject's new T2 duo of turntables are here to provide you with "years of musical bliss"

Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono on a yellow background
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Pro-Ject has announced two brand-new plug-and-play turntables, the T2 and the T2 Super Phono. 

Both models share the same design basics, internal circuitry and general specifications. The only big difference is that the T2 Super Phono has a built-in phono stage. 

Pro-Ject conceives both T2 units as being "new challenger(s) in the midrange audio market", boasting "audiophile design elements" alongside sturdy construction and a focus on simplicity, accessibility and ease of use. 

Both spinners feature a belt drive system mounted inside the plinth with a precision-speed AC motor. Pro-Ject’s engineered sub-platter, meanwhile, is fitted into a stainless-steel main bearing and drives the zero-resonance glass platter with "absolute stability". A rocker switch lets you choose between 33 and 45rpm speeds.

Both T2 models sport a new nine-inch tonearm featuring a single aluminium tube and a tweaked low-friction gimble bearing assembly alongside an anti-skate mechanism for improved accuracy and sonic reliability. The Sumiko Rainier cartridge included with both is another welcome addition. This is a fun and affordable design cartridge which earned a What Hi-Fi? Award last year for its full-bodied and entertaining presentation at a reasonable price.

The T2s are defined aesthetically by their wooden plinths, now expanded for better stability and resilience. The core construction for both is plastic-free and has been designed so that there are no internal hollow spaces, avoiding unwanted vibrations that could affect audio playback. The vibration-absorbing feet further complement the overall construction by isolating the turntable from whichever surface upon which it's placed.

The T2 and T2 Super Phono are supplied with a removable dust cover, a felt mat and Pro-Ject’s RCA cable for connecting to an existing hi-fi system. One point of distinction comes regarding the Super Phono's phono stage, which uses extra PCB board space to optimise and enhance the electrical layout for superior analogue performance. You can, if you wish, bypass the phono stage if you want to install an MC cartridge, or indeed use your own external pre-amp.

The new Pro-Ject T2 will begin shipping in April for £479 / $549, whereas the T2 Super Phono will retail at £559 / $659. Both models are available in three finishes: gloss black, satin white and walnut.


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  • Rui
    i wanted to refer that i heard a lot of pro-ject models and notice that for the quality they are extremelly expensive, is this new release diferent from all others,

    being maybe equiped for the first time with a good cartridge, i did made a test where me and some friends ,one even older than me with a lot of experience regarding hi-fi sound and to match 70´s turntable sound with a modern one,

    we started with a technics SL-3310 with a 207C cartridge also a pioneer PL-560 with a modern cartridge, the Ortofon 2Mblack LVB,

    and after many turntables and switch of diferent brands and ranges of cartridges ,we finally had a Pro-ject releasing a good sound,

    it was between the turntable itself and a new cartridge at buyers price, the cost would be around 14.000€ ,and i finally bought a modern turntable, this last month of december ,

    the Rega P10, it looks modern and sounds good , but i have to say that i have better from the 70´s, 80´s and 90´s
  • Rui
    I will hear this new Pro-Ject turntables "...musical bliss..." did they start to put aceptable cartridghes on them ,only because even with a good cartridge a very simple and poor built turntable is not getting expectacular by having a good cartridge ,

    the bit´s of plastic when disassembling some 1.000€ turntables i get a litle frustrated ,because i´ve seen 76 technics turntables opened and thorens turntables also opened and they have something inside not nothing like this good looking from far Pro-Ject turntables

    i have to say that i some 3 years ago found it strange that no turntable from Pro-Ject bought by friends of mine had not a aceptable sound, the same of saying really bad that didn´t went no where, i couldn´t believe what they were charging around a 1.000€ ,next to nothing ,

    i tried to find a similar sound on my oldest pioneer turntable ,a late 60´s PL-43 with original pioneer cartridge and stylus but it were far from it, the deep sound at the same time dynamic of a late 60´s pioneer turntable was several times better than a Pro-Ject around the price refered normally equiped with the Ortofon 2Mred cartridge that i had never seen such a bad sound coming from a Ortofon cartridge

    from what used to be a quality assured brand,at least in late 70´s and in the 90´s i bought a thorens TD2001(not sure if it´s the correct reference) that had a very good ortofon cartridge in blue and the mkII that i can´t remenber now the model as the optional cartridge they told me about a Denon one,

    but this were incredible sounding turntables, at the time, i had to choose between two, today i have a recentelly bought the Rega P10 with power suply made for it and the cartridge having possibility of buying Hana cartridges at cost price ,i installed on it the Hana Umami red, that will be less expensive to substitute than if i had kept the Alpheta 3 and i was happy with my new modern turntable for my new assembled system,

    the only Pro-Ject that i found good was a bit expensive but ,i have to say ,good
    the Signature 10 ,superpack because it comes with a excelent ortofon cartridge ,the windfeld Ti Heritage, never the less i still prefered the Rega P10 last edition, but found a Pro-Ject with good sound , but i have to say that the old 79 SL-1000MKII with the EPC-300MC with MC pre-amplifier SU-300 has much better sound ,

    also have a bit even older PLC-590 from Pioneer, it had a very good cartridge from AT ,mc type but no longer could get the stylus for it nowhere, so i went for the AT-art9 but felt like it had a good but not as the old AT mc cartridge and stylus, recentelly i could purchase for a very reduced price a ortofon nude replicant with a very good detailed and dynamic sound ,the Anna Diamond,

    let´s see when this is worn out if i can support the substitution, but still have stored a AT-art9 the previous one, i complain a lot of the prices of a good cartridge that are excessive expensive,

    this because i have MM cartridges that sound amazing good but today´s prices don´t match old quality ,just by looking ,the stylus seems to miss half of it like the iron spike was the only thing there and no stylus tip, also notice the hours of use being cutted down for 1/3 of the older ones,

    like the famous 207C from technics, no turntable around 1.000€ sounds half the quality of a old SL-3310 with the 270C cartridge from technics , at the time this was not a expensive turntable and cartridge ,built by nagaoka,

    as recentelly they released a not so good SL-1000R and ordered to nagaoka to make a cartridge for it and it sounds really good , but price wise it´s around 6.000€ ,

    the so talked about , at least some years ago 2Mblack LVB that i purchase for my 79 Pioneer PL-560, that i have it with a SX-1980 receiver still working perfect(but some electronic parts could be substituted )as some are not to work 45 years, but still sounded great with some HPM-1000 that i substituted last weekend for the Mission Argonaut(780 model) which are great,

    as all brands there are good components and also cheaper but bad ones, specified for a type of integrated amplifier that i couldn´t find as tannoy´s have cheaper speakers but the sound is there not lost, only not that powerfull but in dynamics they still have them, as JBL that as expensive speakers but also good ones with a aceptable price,

    there is only one thing that i can´t understand there are a lot of a amplifiers said to be good but when hearing them it seems that they are not that well sounding nor well built , just by looking inside.

    To end ,i would like to refer a friend of mine that i know him since we were 4 years old and have still more two friends living close from those pre-school years, but he had bought maybe in 2018 a Lego type Pro-Ject that had the Sumiko oyster cartridge , and he tells me "the vinyl sound is not so good that when you change to cd ,it will sound low-fi",

    that i have not one but several cd players with a very high quality of sound and i have a colection of hi-fi components since late 50´s till today, that i have in my home office a 43 square meters room with shelfs all around with no space to put there other and some are closed in their boxes on the floor,

    i had to laugh and said ,yes any turntable will do it but not thinking that a new turntable so talked about with excelent reviews was so much worst than a fully automatic technics from 1983 that costed at the time what today is 100€(a bit less in reality) that was a 1/10 of a midle class wage at the time,

    today you can only buy a Crosley or with a bit more money a Fluance with a AT cartridge like a Pioneer from 1979 built by CEC that were the first to have a plastic frame, had.

    That would be my choice if there weren´t 2nd hand turntables for sale, i think all people with more than 48 years old know what i´m talking about, or some don´t because they had not a system with some quality in their rooms while growing up like a lot friends of mine didn´t.

    I used to record a lot of cassettes and reels for friends that had not a hi-fi system at home but a mono radio cassette player or a old philips or grunding heavy as hell portable reel player/recorder that had a nice sound ,even being from the 60´s or 70´s, or even from the 50´s like a reel deck i had from grundig with 7 speeds ,rec level ,also amplifier ,treble, bass and speakers built in and was huge.

    To end(again) i in 2020 received as a offer by christmas from a german friend of mine a new Pro-ject debut something with the already refered 2Mred ,i wouldn´t say "i don´t want this!!!" and my better half as a litle system on our main living room and she had a few records that when younger she would hear them in a suitcase

    but the most well finished i saw even had cassette player with rec level with vu meters and i put it there and for her destroyd records it´s more than enough the Pro-Ject debut etc. of 900 and something €´s ,this conected to a excelent philips F series mini system 79 model

    Sorry, but i had to make a bigger and deep coment