It has been a while coming, but Philips has finally clambered aboard the OLED TV bandwagon here at IFA 2016 in Berlin. The Philips 901F TV – a 55in 4K model that will sell for €3500 (which currently means it’ll cost £3500) – is a showcase for some uniquely Philips technologies.

The OLED panel is augmented by three-sided Ambilight (long since a Philips trademark), HDR capability and the company’s Perfect Pixel Ultra HD picture processing. Like every TV brand with an OLED screen in its range, Philips is claiming class-leading black levels, impeccable motion reproduction and extremely wide viewing angles. And in the out-of-control colour gamut game, Philips is claiming 2250 trillion colours.

Which sounds like a lot. The Smart element is Google-certified and powered by Android, and control is via app or an overloaded remote control featuring QWERTY keyboard, swipe pad and voice-recognition.

Sound is delivered by a 30-watt, six-speaker system plus bass reflex port arrayed in a soundbar integrated into the TV’s frame.

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