Parasound has just launched a 'game changing' 12-channel amplifier at the CEDIA Expo held in Denver, Colorado.

The Zonemaster Model 1250 is a 12 x 50 watt power amp that can be used for distributed home use, as well as making for a rather handy home cinema powerhouse.

That power figure rises impressively as speaker impedance drops, increasing to 12 x 90 watts into 4ohms. 

The Model 1250 is a configurable design where channels can be bridged to deliver 6 x 160 watts into 8 ohms, or used to augment an existing AV amp with 3 x 160 plus 4 x 50 watts.

There are independant level controls for each line level input and flexible trigger arrangements to make life easier for home installers.

Take a look inside

Neat internal design shows the hybrid circuitry

Parasound has chosen to mix Class A/B input stages with high quality Class D power modules to fit all that grunt into a slimline casing. Most of the competition use power IC designs, which don't sound as good according to Parasound.

The 1250's use of Class D power modules helps to keep heat output managable too - a real benefit when it comes to home install situations.

The Model 1250 will be available in October and is priced at $2495. No news yet of a European release date.


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The MSRP for the Zonemaster 1250 is $1995 USD.

The MSRP for the Parasound Zonemaster 1250 is $1995 USD.