The advent of even higher resolution is drawing closer, with the manufacturers’ plans to produce 8K televisions and digital cameras in time for Japan’s 8K broadcasts in 2020.

While here in the UK many manufacturers are still promoting 4K television, Japan is already setting its sights on quadrupling the resolution with 8K televisions in development by Sony and Panasonic in time for the 2020 Olympics.

In partnership with broadcaster NHK, which will “oversee efforts to ensure high-quality [8k] broadcasts and develop related standards”, both Sony and Panasonic will start producing televisions capable of supporting 8K.

Since they will be competing in the same market, however, it is predicted that they will work to differentiate their products in other ways.

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While Japan has plans to begin full-scale 8K broadcasting by 2020, Sony and Panasonic will focus on 4K televisions in other regions, so your newly purchased 4K television won’t be rendered obsolete overnight.

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It’s not just TVs that will be getting 8K capability: Panasonic and Sony are expected to apply their new technologies to digital cameras, although no specific product lines have yet been mentioned.

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SOURCE: Nikkei Asian Review



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