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Our Top 10 Best Buy DAB radios 2008

Pure Evoke 2S

But which to choose? There are numerous models to pick from, including bedside clock/radios, all-in-one music systems with DAB, internet radios and iPod docks with DAB.

Here's our pick of the Top 10 models to buy in 2008:

Best for value

Pure One Mini £40

Best for internet

Pure Evoke Flow £150

Best for traditionalists

Roberts Revival £200

Best for sound

Pure Evoke-2S £170

Best for iPod

Pure Avanti Flow £250

Best for style

Vita Audio R2 £220

Best for the car

Pure Digital Highway £70

Best budget DAB micro system

Denon D-M37DAB £300

Best mid-price DAB system

Arcam Solo Mini £650

Best luxury DAB system

Meridian F80 £1495