Noxon's iRadio Cube has internet radio, FM and Napster access

Noxon iRadio Cube

The £169 Noxon iRadio Cube comes in a piano black lacquer finish and has an integrated FM tuner too.

Buyers of the iRadio can try out Napster's music service free for a month. This enables them to access, listen to and download to up to three computers any of the six million music and audio tracks in Napster's archive.

All you have to do is connect the Noxon iRadio Cube to a power supply and DSL router, preferably using a flat-rate broadband internet service, and then you'll have direct access to Napster as well as more than 11,000 internet radio stations around the world.

Users will also be able to access any music archived on their PC's hard drive, and Elgato's EyeConnect software connects the iRadio Cube to Apple Macs.

Access music portals via the web
Several music portals and internet services are directly accessible via the unit once users have set up an account at

These inlcude the music community Aupeo!, which offers a personalised radio station for every Noxon customer to share with friends; Musicload Nonstop, a free selection of more than two million current songs; a trial subscription to;, a virtual hard drive on the internet for Noxon users to upload their music; and, a showcase for upcoming bands.

Other features include a clock and sleep timer, an integrated 2.1 speaker system, a line-out for connecting to a hi-fi system, remote control and home network connectivity via LAN (cable) or WLAN (wireless).

The iRadio Cube is compatible with Windows 98 SE, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems.