You can apparently boost the sound from your phone by up to 6dB. Also, did we mention it's made of wood?

We have a lot of recommendations for the best wireless speakers or hi-fi speakers, but some people prefer something a little more analogue.

Those people might be interested in Symphonica, a wooden horn, that's designed for phones, and which can apparently boost the sound from your phone speaker "by up to 6dB", while adding "warmth" to the sound.

Looking like a miniature gramophone - and you thought the vinyl revival was retro - the Symphonica will work with your iPhone or Samsung device, including the soon-to-be-available Samsung Galaxy S8

Not just a pretty horn, it can also charge your phone thanks to the docking stand, and there's even a wooden Bluetooth remote. 

If you want to back the project, $85 (around £70) will get you the natural wood version, while $115 (around £90) will snag you the dark wood. Shipping is predicted for July 2017. Full details are here.

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That is awesome!!


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The Swiss alternative

Take a look at this Smartphone passive horn speaker

Swiss Handmade in the Jura Mountains. A beauty