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NEWS: Wireless headphones without the hiss

Having a wired connection between your hi-fi and headphones can be a bit of a drag, so we can understand the appeal of wireless cans. Trouble is, they're often prone to interference – but Philips reckons it has the answer.

Its new £170 SHD9100 headphones transmit sound wirelessly via the 2400-2403.5 MHz frequency, which Philips says results in less interference, lower power consumption and better sound quality than analogue FM transmission systems.

The headphones use a 5cm driver and will operate across a distance of 30 metres. They come with a docking station that doubles as a recharger, giving up to six hours' continuous playback time.

An ultra-lightweight headband and breathable fabric ear cushions are intended to make them more comfortable during long listening sessions, and automatic tuning means set-up should be straightforward.

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