NEWS: Waterproof TVs, providing entertainment while you wash

[intro]Fancy catching today's episode of EastEnders while taking a bath? What about watching a movie as you wash your hair in the shower? No problem, Aquavision's new range of waterproof, HD-ready LCD TVs are designed for use in the bathroom.[/intro]

What's more, they're available with Mirrorvision so the screen becomes a bathroom mirror when turned off - perfect for brushing your teeth in the ad-breaks. The maker claims these new, high-performance flatscreens can be used in steam-filled or outdoor environments without misting up.

They're available in 17, 19, 26, 32 and 40in widescreen sizes and cost from £1700 to £6000, depending on size.

Aquavision also offers an RS232 control port, enabling the TVs to be controlled from a compatible touch screen anywhere in the home. And with a waterproof remote control, there should be no need to move, except to top up the hot water.

All models feature Freeview digital and analogue tuners, component, S-Video, PC and HDMI inputs and full Scart connection. Aquavision can also supply a towel rail with built-in 17in screen and a kitchen range for use in cupboard doors.