NEWS: UPDATED PICS: Home-cinema-in-a-rack from Sony

While we haven't ourselves seen a Sony product as yet – though the RHT-G1000 is available – we have got to grips with a couple of these multi-purpose AV racks before.

For all intents and purposes TV stands, the new RHT-G900 (above) and RHT-G1500 (below) also incorporate all the processing, amplification and speakers to form a complete home cinema speaker system. And you can of course plonk your TV on top...

The stands can hold up to four other components and are well specified when viewed as 'AV receivers'. There's 1080p/24fps compatibility and three-in/one-out HDMI-switching, while the receivers are also capable of receiving 7.1 PCM audio from HD sources.

Should you be a 'Sony fan-boy', the racks also offer Bravia Sync capability allowing you to control all your components with the one remote thanks to HDMI control.

Sony claims not to be scrimping on the sound side of things either, with each of the 5.1 channels given a dedicated speaker and amp rather than relying on digital processing to create the distinct channels of sound. Both the '900 and the '1500 have twin subwoofers, too.

Sony's own S-Force PRO Front Surround technology does the work of recreating the feel of rear speakers, and there's no reliance on walls or the shape of the room, in theory making the racks more flexibles.

Each channel offers 70w of power, which coupled with 120w for the subwoofers, delivers an overall power output of 470 watts. Also on board is a 'digital media port', which sounds like a connection for an MP3 player to us.

Prices and images to follow.

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