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NEWS: Unleash your MP3 music with Denon's MIDI DJ controller

Budding DJs take note: Denon claims to have developed the "most powerful and flexible DJ hardware controller on the planet".

Now that's quite a claim, and not one we've put to the test yet, but the £400 DN-HC4500 is a pro unit designed for heavy-duty club use, so should easily stand up to a bit of abuse in a teenager's bedroom.

Denon says the unit is the "essential link between a DJ and their music" - whether on PC, Mac, CD, MP3, hard drive or USB.

Technical highlights include:

  • PC/MAC compatible USB MIDI controller
  • Can control Denon's BU4500 twin-CD drive for simultaneous four-player usage
  • 24-bit processing and USB 2.0 audio interface
  • Multi-functional, touch-sensitive jog disc
  • Bundled with an LE version of PCDJ's Reflex software
  • Bright FL display with two-line character text support