NEWS: Tivoli adds Internet radio to its network

Always a manufacturer to put a little extra thought in to the design of its products, Tivoli Audio has released a natty looking Internet radio complete with 'furniture-grade wood cabinet', the Tivoli Networks Radio.

Available in three finishes, the radio delivers Internet, DAB and FM radio, as well as streaming audio from your PC, boasting USB and aux inputs and large display with remote control.

There are three incarnations of the new radio. The all-singing, all-dancing version offers Internet, DAB and FM radio, while there's also a model with just Internet radio and one with Internet and FM. The three-in-one, top-of-the-range Networks Radio will set you back a precise £495.95.

There are three different wood finishes – walnut/gold, wenge/gold and cherry/gold. With connections and any control buttons hidden on the back of the unit, the slim, credit card sized remote control will come in handy, too. It's a mono speaker design but there's a separate speaker you can buy to upgrade to stereo should you desire.

As well as the capacity to stream audio from a PC over via a wired Ethernet connection or over your Wi-Fi connection, Tivoli was keen to point out the units can talk to each other should you buy more than one Networks Radio for your home. Though for the best of £500 a pop, Tivoli would say that.

One thing that did strike us at the launch was the browsing ability of the new radio. As well as being able to search by country, state or genre, there's also a station name search, which should make navigating the world of Internet radio a tad easier.

The Tivoli Networks Radio is due out at the end of July.

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