NEWS: Sonus Faber's improved Cremonas

Italian speaker master Sonus Faber has upgraded its Cremona speakers to create the new Cremona M version. Selling for £5394 a pair through UK distributor Absolute Sounds, the new speaker combines the company's usual superb quality of woodwork with hi-tech drive units, and has an unusual concave back profile to reduce resonances and internal reflections.

It's a three-way design, using twin 18cm bass units, a 15cm midrange and a 25mm ultra-dynamic ring-radiator tweeter. The midrange unit uses a black wood fibre cone and Sonus Faber's Symmetric Drive system, while the bass units, which only work from 400Hz downwards, have aluminium/magnesium allow cones.

The cabinet is made from 20 hand-selected layers of solid maple, graded and oriented for resonance control. The cabinet is lute-shaped in plan view, and uses sub-structural ribs inside for further resonance control.

The spealers stand 112cm tall, have 94dB/W/m sensitivity and 4ohm impedance, and are suitable for use with amps of 50-250W. Oh, and they weigh 36.5kg each.

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