NEWS: Linn turns on the Majik with new amp and speakers

This is the new Linn Majik-I integrated amplifier, delivering 2x100W from the company's Chakra power amplifier design, and using audio circuitry derived from the Klimax Kontrol preamplifier.

Selling for £1450, it joins the Majik CD player and the new Majik 140 three-way speakers, allowing buyers to build a complete single-brand system, and is designed to be an ideal starting point for newcomers to the Scottish brand.

The Majik-I has six stereo inputs, including one configurable for line input or moving magnet phono, and upgradable to moving coil operation, as well as a front-panel auxiliary input for use with portable players, and a headphone socket.

The Chakra amplification is designed for increased power, reliability and efficiency, and is said to deliver less heat and distortion than other designs. It also uses the company's hum-free Switch Mode Power Supply technology for better mains noise isolation and thus clean power to the amp.

Meanwhile the new Majik 140 speakers, which sell for £1475, are a floorstanding design using Linn's 2K driver array, as found in the company's range-topping models.

The 40 -litre cabinets stand 97.5cm tall and weigh 21.3kg, and the speaker is of a four-way design, with reflex-loading via a single port, 'rifled' for optimal air-flow. An optional 2dB bass reduction is available for better low-end control in some rooms.

The Majik 140s can be used with conventional single-wire connection, or upgraded all the way to quad-amplified fully active working, using Linn's Aktiv offboard crossovers. They come in a choice of cherry, maple, black ash or white finish.

By the way, if you happen to be in Edinburgh this Thursday afternoon, November 22, Linn retailer James Morrow, at 1 Home Street, is having a Linn Majik open day from 3-7pm. The new speakers will be on demonstration and representatives of the company will be attending. Mail the company if you'd like to attend, or call Andrew on (0131) 229 8777.

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