NEWS: Isotek's filter for TVs and set-top boxes

This is Isotek's new Mira mains filter, designed to improve the performance and life expectancy of your TV and set-top box, while at the same time offering protection from surges and lightning strikes.

Selling for £150, it has dedicated sockets for a display and one other component, and antenna input and output sockets to protect the system from strikes of up to 22,500A.

The 'visual outlet' socket uses a Delta filter to reduce internal and mains-borne noise, and a second-phase shunt filter to further reduce noise and spikes. Adaptive Gating is used to reduce the in-rush of power screens draw from the mains at start-up, and then there's another shunt filter. Finally the unit uses IsoTek's 'triple resonant' filter, which is also used on the 'component outlet' socket.

The unit is also said to reduce the noise generated by screen power supplies and the digital circuitry in set-top boxes, with claimed picture benefits being "greater pixel stability, enriched black tones, more natural and vibrant colours", and audio gains including "increased soundstage depth, greater solidity and improved frequency extension". For a clearer idea of what each part of the Mira does, see below.

The IsoTek range is distributed in the UK by Activ Distribution.

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