NEWS: Glass and gold Perfect speakers?

Now here's a speaker design you don't see every day... Perfect8 Technologies is a Swedish speaker manufacturer that aims to make speakers that double as sculpted 'works of art'.

Now we've all heard that kind of claim before, but it's fair to say we haven't really seen anything quite like these 'music sculptures of glass and gold'...

The company has four main speaker ranges: the high-end The Force, the smaller The Point, the 'tiny yet superb' The Cube and the brand new The Force Center centre channel (pictured, top). Within the four model line-ups are hi-fi and home cinema speakers.

Perfect8 look to address what it sees as the fundamental flaws of traditional loudspeaker design – detrimental driver, cabinet and baffle vibrations, and irregular off axis radiation. The result is a speaker design that's free from internal resonances, yet doesn't rely on damping materials to do so.

And yes, you aren't seeing things, the enclosures are made of pure glass and, err, 'gold'. The key technology is Perfect8's proprietary 'Super Silent Glass', which, together with the design of the baffle and driver, claims to virtually eliminate vibrations.

Perhaps the most striking example is the high-end model, The Force Front. Measuring two metres in height, the smooth glass design is scratch-resistant and trimmed with a 24k gold plating, and features an open baffle design – something we have seen tried before, by Jamo's R909s for example.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, these speakers were launched at the Millionaire Fair in Cannes - and we haven't been given prices... For more information on these amazing-looking speakers, check out the Perfect8 website here.

Joe Cox
Content Director

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