NEWS: Denon DVD-1940 - exclusive review headed your way

Award winners are falling thick and fast here at What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision's test HQ. So what will replace Denon's discontinued DVD-1930, our current DVD player product of the year?

We can't tell you that yet - there are still several new-season players to be tested, and some incredibly strong rivals at other price-points - but we're betting Denon hopes it's the replacement version, the DVD-1940.

So, what looks different about the new player? Very little, on the surface - the DVD-1940 bears a remarkable black-or-silver resemblance to its forebear.

Some key features - notably 1080p upscaling and the £250 price tag - are also unchanged, but there are other notable specification tweaks, including:

  • Advanced Faroudja Fli2301 DCDi chipset, plus new 12-bit, 216Mhz high-spec Video DACs - both claimed to significantly boost picture performance
  • New 24bit, 192kHz PCM-1738 Burr Brown Audio DACs on the sonic side of things
  • New detachable mains lead - handy for custom installs and cable-upgrade options
  • New 'Eco' standby mode - the player uses just 1W on standby: half as much electricity as last year's model