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NEWS: Creative's portable dock for iPod nano

It's hard to make an MP3 speaker dock that stands out from the crowd, so Creative have come up with a couple of novel twists.

For one, the Travelsound i80 is a dock that's designed especially for the 3rd generation iPod nano.

Secondly, the docking station is very small and includes a portable battery pack that will deliver 15 hours of playback and can be charged via USB.

With Summer just around a very cold, seemingly endless corner, we can all look forward to being sat out in the park, merrily polluting the air with the music of our choice. Creative has come up with a particularly portable machine, thanks to the size and battery pack.

The TravelSound i80 is small enough to fit in "your back pocket" – we presume this isn't a clown's back pocket – and also comes with an adjustable speaker stand for plonking on.

The battery pack charges via USB, this connection also allowing you to sync your iPod directly with iTunes. If all this tickles your fancy, prepare yourself to part with £50.

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