NEWS: Chord offers a £150 trade-in on its flagship Signature cable

The Chord Company has come up with a summer offer to make its acclaimed Signature interconnect cable even more attractive. Trade in any interconnect cable, regardless of brand, and you get £150 off the suggested retail price of £550 when you buy the Signature RCA interconnect.

All you have to do is find your nearest participating retailer either on the Chord Company website or by calling 01980 625700, take along your interconnect cable between now and the end of August and have a brief demonstration of Signature. Then switch cables, pay £400 and you're all set!

Chord Signature is the company's flagship interconnect, and is unusual in having a fully floating shield system, and using entirely separate cables for the positive and negative elements of the signal. Each of these cables has a silver-plated solid core of oxygen-free copper, and is surrounded by a three-layer shield which, unusually, isn't connected at either end of the cable - in other words, it's 'floating'.

A small socket at one end of the cable accepts a flying lead supplied with the Signature cables: terminated in a miniature crocodile clip, this can be attached to various points on your equipment to get the best earthing results.

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