NEWS: Chinese art meets MP3 gadgetry. It had to happen.

Everyone's talking about China these days. The impact of the world's fastest ever growing economy on the western world is huge – and it now extends to the world of iPod docks, in the form of the BooM China system from TwinMOS.

And yes, that thing that looks like a vase is actually a subwoofer...

The BooM China has been designed in collaboration with a traditional Chinese artist, and is released to coincide with the Chinese new year – as well as to celebrate China hosting the 2008 Olympic games.

Costing £180, the BooM China is an iPod dock and 2.1 speaker system. It carries on-board amplification of 8 watts-per-channel, as well as that 25 watt subwoofer cunningly disguised as a glazed vase. It's compatible with every member of the iPod family - including the new iPhone and iPod Touch - and comes with a remote that allows you to control the volume of the stereo speakers and the sub independently.

Other MP3 players can be used thanks to a 3.5mm jack input, and there are a USB input and SD card slot, too.

Were you just thinking to yourself, 'There are two things I really need right now: an iPod dock and a vase'? If so, we bet you can't believe your luck right now....

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