NEWS: Award-winning Tangent Quattro internet radio gets an upgrade to Mk2 status

Tangent's Quattro internet radio, one of our Best Buys in the 2007 Awards, has been upgraded to Mk2 status. It now includes an FM radio, Ethernet port and WPA2 wi-fi security protocol for no extra cost.

You can have it in walnut or black finishes for £179.95, or high-gloss red or white for £199.95.

Users can receive up to 9900 internet radio stations, stream music from a PC or Mac, access internet podcasts and play all national and local stations on FM.

The wooden cabinet houses a 3in (7.6cm) drive unit, 5W RMS amplifier, headphone socket, stereo phono outputs and an input for an iPod or MP3 player.

Those tech specs in full are:

  • Connection: 802.11b/g Wi-fi
  • Security: WEP - WPA1 - WPA2 (TKIP)
  • File formats: Real audio, MP3, Windows media streams,
  • OGG vorbis, AAC, WAV, AIFF and AU
  • Speaker: Full range 3" in a bass reflex cabinet
  • System output: 5 Watt RMS
  • Frequency range: 80 - 20.000Hz
  • Dimensions: 21 x 11.1 x 14.5cm (W x H x D)
  • Input: Aux 3.5mm for iPod / MP3 player
  • Outputs: Headphone stereo, lineout stereo
Andy Clough

Andy is Global Brand Director of What Hi-Fi? and has been a technology journalist for 30 years. During that time he has covered everything from VHS and Betamax, MiniDisc and DCC to CDi, Laserdisc and 3D TV, and any number of other formats that have come and gone. He loves nothing better than a good old format war. Andy edited several hi-fi and home cinema magazines before relaunching in 2008 and helping turn it into the global success it is today. When not listening to music or watching TV, he spends far too much of his time reading about cars he can't afford to buy.