NEWS: Audio Pro leathers up its speakers

Not content with having launched a leather-clad iPod speaker system, the fun-loving Swedes at Audio Pro have also polished off a complete range of hide-covered speakers, ranging from a compact standmounter at £149 a pair all the way up to a £399/pr floorstander.

The Audio Pro Mondial line-up is available in black or brown leather, and includes a centre speaker and a pair of subwoofers, allowing a complete surround system to be built.

The entry-level model, the M1, stands just 16cm tall and uses an 11.5cm mid/bass unit and a 25mm tweeter, while the larger M2 (left) has a 13.5cm mid/bass driver. It costs £249/pr.

The floorstanding M5 uses two 8.75cm mid/bass units and the 25mm tweeter in a cabinet just 11cm wide, with a heavy metal bass to ensure stability. The same driver configuration is used in the £139 M4 centre speaker.

Two subwoofers complete the range: the £249 S1 is the company's smallest-ever active subwoofer at just 25cm on each side, and uses a 16.5cm drive unit and a 175W amplifier. The larger S3 is 30cm on each side, sells for £319, and combines a 20cm bass unit and a 200W amp.

The speakers are distributed by CSE, and a complete surround system of a pair of M5s, a pair of M1s, an M4 and an S3 sells for £999.

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