New interconnects and speaker cables from Merlin

Merlin Chopin Mk3

Building on the latest version of Merlin's Bach interconnect, the Chopin Mk3 uses the same technology and design but "with added attention to the details".

The Chopin uses Merlin's proprietary inert resin coated hybrid core conductors. The resin coating ensures there is no chemical reaction between the conductor and dielectric, which would otherwise alter the tonal character of the cable, says Merlin.

The hybrid cores are sized between that of a conventional strand and a solid core conductor. The inner dielectric is made from low-density polyethylene and the outer one from rubberised PVC and mechanical damping braid.

You can buy the Chopin Mk3 with either gold-plated locking RCA plugs or gold-plated XLR ones. The Merlin Chopin Mk3 costs £90 for a 0.5m pair with RCA terminations, £100 for a 1m pair and XLR connections cost an extra £20.

Also new from Merlin is the C6 Mk2 speaker cable, which is based on the technical spec and design of its IRC6 Pro cable with inert resin coating conductors screened in an active aluminium Mylar foil screen, all housed in a double-layer pearlised PVC polymer.

The C6 Mk2 costs £5/m and termination costs are £50 for a stereo pair.