Fatman Red-i
Fatman's new Red-i iPod/MP3 dock has increased power (25w), a new chassis and Apple iPhone compatibility

You might think that the world doesn't need yet another iPod dock, but Fatman would disagree. Its ever-expanding family of valve iPod docks now has another new member – the £399 Fatman Red-i.

Based on the design principles of the first iTube, it combines the original model's separate dock and amp design into a single unit.

As well as creating a new chassis, Fatman has upped the Red-i's power output to 25w per channel (up from the 13w of the original) and made the unit compatible with the Apple iPhone.

This means the Red-i all but eliminates TDMA noise – the unwanted noise mobile phones make when placed close to an audio device – and adheres to Apple's 'Work with iPhone' standard.

The Red-i comes with its own stereo speakers, two pairs of line-level inputs for connecting other sources such as a CD player, a built-in iPod dock and a 3.5mm mini-jack for hooking up any brand of MP3 player.

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The Fatman Red-i will be available in the UK from September 2008, and is distributed by Henley Designs.