Netflix is set to expire on older Sony TVs by the end of next month – is your TV affected? And what are your options?

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If you have a Sony TV that's nearing 10 years old and you happen to watch Netflix on it, we unfortunately have to be the bearer of bad news. Sony has announced that it will no longer support Netflix on its 2014 TV range, and the deadline for support to end is fast approaching.

This comes after the company announced that it would drop support for the streaming service on TVs and Blu-ray players released between 2011 and 2013 back in December, and just six months later that bracket is expanding to 2014 models too. Sony attributes this decision to Netflix no longer supporting the app on its 2014 hardware due to technical limitations.

You have until the 23rd of July 2024 to stream Netflix on your TV, after that date, the icon will be removed from the app menu. So which models will be affected? There are a total of 42 affected models across various sizes and ranges; this includes a couple of Award-winning models, such as the KDL-32W706B and KDL-40W605B. TVs in the S9, W5, W6, W7, W70, W8, W85, W95, X85, X9 and X95 ranges will lose Netflix privileges, so if you own one of these TVs, we have a few suggestions.

You can, of course, still stream Netflix to your TV via an external media streamer if you wish; we recommend the Google Chromecast with Google TV or Apple TV 4K, or you can find more suggestions on our best media streamers page. However, Sony has been on a hot streak regarding five-star TVs in the last year, so you could upgrade to a new Sony TV if you so desire. 

Don't feel pressured to upgrade, as a media streamer is a lot cheaper and more convenient, but if you feel like a picture and sound upgrade is due (and you happen to watch a lot of Netflix), then this could be the ideal time. 


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  • Sonicvcam
    To be fair this series of TVs never had ITVx, all4, now TV, Disney+ and others. So while the article is useful info most customers will already have a Roku, Chromecast etc.
    I bought a device within months of buying my 42w705.
  • Friesiansam
    How many TVs these days, actually last as long as ten years?
  • DougK1
    Friesiansam said:
    How many TVs these days, actually last as long as ten years?
    The TVs last it's the smart aspect which fails due to firmware/software support being removed. But you know this already. My smart pannie plasma went dumb years ago just had to find a way to make it smart again with a fire-stick.
  • Braisim
    Netflix is also no longer supporting (or sorry "sunsetting support" to use their awful phrase) Ist and 2nd Gen Apple TV from the end of July. A bit annoying for me as I only use the Apple TV for streaming to a PC monitor in a spare room for which a TV would be inappropriate. I imagine there might be a few people out there still using older Apple TVs for Netflix.
  • Wales1
    I had a Sony TV for 12 years till I upgraded. Was still working fine v
  • Corpus_Chain
    This is why connecting a PC to your TV is still the most reliable and flexible option of obtaining internet content.