Naim Ovator S-400 pair
Launched at Top Audio Milan, new model is smaller floorstander, at prices starting from £2995/pr

Naim has chosen the Top Audio Show, now running in Milan, to launch the second model in its Ovator speaker range. The new S-400, which starts from £2995 a pair, is designed as a more room-friendly version of the original S-600, better suited to use in smaller spaces.

Standing 106cm tall, the new speaker uses two 16.5cm bass units, and a 46mm flat panel Balanced Mode Radiator for the midband and treble.

The bass units operate in separate 15-litre sealed enclosures with 'controlled low-hysteresis air pressure equalisers', Naim saying that 'A true sealed box is virtually impossible in the world of loudspeaker design. Air leaks are usually non-symmetrical, introducing non-linearity in drive unit performance reducing the gains so hard fought for in the lab.'

The bass drivers themselves use long-fibre paper cones, a 38mm voice coil and a pressure die-cast chassis, while the BMR has a Nomex honeycomb construction, and has an elastomeric mounting to decouple if from the the cabinet.

Bass extension goes down to 36Hz in room, and the treble up to 35kHz.

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Sensitivity is quoted as 88dB/W/m, the nominal/minimum impedance is 4ohms, and the speakers are suitable for amplifiers from 35W to 130W.

The multilayer MDF cabinet has curved sides and a sloping top to reduce standing waves, and is decoupled from the die-cast plinth by a leaf-spring. The crossover is similarly mounted.

The speakers will be available from November, at £2995 a pair in standard finishes, £3295 in gloss white and £3395 in rosewood.

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