Thirteen years in the making, NAD's £5000 Masters Series M2 digital amplifier promises 'a new level of performance'

NAD has announced details of its new Masters Series M2 Direct Digital amplifier. After ten years of research and three years of 'intense development', the M2 promises, naturally, to raise the performance bar.

Aiming to combine the low distortion and noise of the best Class A and Class AB amplifiers with the efficiency of a digital amp, the M2 is the first machine to implement Direct Digital Feedback.

This new technology has been developed alongside UK-based Diodes Zetex Semiconductor, a company whose name certainly does the job of suggesting a certain level of expertise.

The M2 delivers two channels of 250 watts at 8 or 4 ohms, and incorporates familiar NAD technology such as Digital PowerDrive and Digital Soft Clipping.

In terms of digital connections you'll find two coaxial and two optical inpus, plus balanced and phono connections, and two sets of speaker terminals.

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Head over to the NAD website for more specifications on the Master Series M2, which is due out in December and will set you back £5000.