More hearing health features could come to AirPods soon, analyst predicts

More hearing health features could come to AirPods soon, analyst predicts
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Apple's AirPods could soon get some new hearing health features. Analyst Mark Gurman speculates that Apple could soon add further health features to complement their existing ones, so much so that they become "a health tool". This could include "the ability to get hearing data of some sort."

Gurman doesn't quote any sources to back up this prediction. But given his very good track record in predicting Apple developments, it's worth listening to.

With its AirPods, Apple has already dipped its toe in the health and hearing waters. In recent years it's added Live Listen and Conversation Boost, both of which help you hear what someone is saying more clearly. And AirPods could soon monitor your posture and take your temperature, according to recent rumours.

As Gurman notes, neither Live Listen nor Conversation Boost are approved by the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration), so Apple could look to make these features more official in the next couple of years. The result? AirPods that could one day serve as a replacement to a hearing aid.

Apple has taken its Watch down the health route, billing it as "a healthy leap forward". Recent additions include "temperature sensors for deeper insights into women's health", sleep tracking, and enhanced workouts. Could the AirPods be next? We'll keep our ear to the ground.


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