Monster: "Our cables are backed by science: more data can go through"

Smith talked us through the key new products from Monster for the year ahead, while also tackling the ongoing scepticism around digital cables.

Speaking on the International News Stage at CES 2015, Smith firstly told What Hi-Fi? that the company's new cables were ready for the future of TV, from 4K to 8K: "When you see 4K and Ultra HD now, we're really just in the beginning of it... It's all about more data, the new black platinum cables from Monster have the most gigabits possible, the biggest pipe and we are ready for up to 8K.

"If ever technology exceeds the capability of one of our premium models that has the 'Cable for Life' badge, we will replace it. But it's ready right now as frame rate increases, depth of colour... 4K is going to continue to get better and require more data so Monster's HDMI program is continuing to push the limits of what is possible."

What's more, the new cables have indicator lights to let you know exactly what your system is showing. Smith continued: "LED indicator lights that are on the hood of the cable... ensure that the consumer is really getting 4K. There's a light for 4K, for HD 1080p and for standard-def."

And how does he answer those who say expensive HDMI cables don't make a difference? Smith told us: "We get that question a lot... The Monster cables are backed-up by science and measurement: more data can go through them. A lot of today's components are 'down-resing' whether a consumer knows it or not.

"If that source doesn't think the display will take it, it won't put out the maximum signal or it will do some automatic down-resolution. In the early days of HDMI you would get a blank screen, they've made the products now so more often they put out less data so at least the consumer doesn't get a blank screen but they're not getting all the resolution. And it really matters on longer lengths [of cable]."

You can watch the full interview above.

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Joe Cox
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