More information on, and pictures of, the new Monitor Audio Silver RX range. announced this morning. Below is the complete line-up, comprising two standmounters, two floorstanders, centre and surround speakers and a subwoofers.

All the speakers use new versions of Monitor Audio's ceramic-over-metal C-CAM driver technology, the developments being brought about by improvements to the Finite Element Analysis the company uses to model the way drivers behave.

The tweeter now has higher sensitivity and wider bandwidth, while the speakers use fine-tuned versions of the Rigid Surface Technology C-CAM mid/bass drivers originally developed for the Gold Signature range. The dimpled profiles are  now even more resistant to break-up effects when driven hard.

Also derived from the GS models is the HiVe II reflex port, designed with gun-barrel-style rifling to accelerate the airflow and reduce turbulence.

Single-point driver mountsThe speakers also use single bolt-through driver fixings, mounting each driver on a tensioned through-bolt. This both reduces coloration, by increasing cabinet rigidity, allows the drivers to be decoupled from the front baffle and allows a clean design with no fixings visible from the front.

The £400/pr Silver RX1 speakers combine the C-CAM tweeter with a 15.25cm mid/bass unit in a compact enclosure, while the slightly larger RX2s, seen below in white and selling for £500/pr, use a larger 20cm mid/bass unit.

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The RX6 floorstander combines tweeter, 15.25cm mid/bass unit and a bass driver of the same size. It's a two-and-a-half-way system, with a dual chamber bass reflex design, differential tuning and twin HiVe II ports. Selling for £750/pr, it comes with a plinth to add stability...

...As does the £1000/pr RX8 (pictured), which adds a second C-CAM bass unit and uses the newly-developed gold dome tweeter. It maintains the same slim profile as the RX6, but has a taller, deeper cabinet to aid in air-shifting duties.

All the Silver RX speakers are designed to mix and match in surround systems, and there are three speakers in the range to enable complete multichannel systems to be built.

The Silver RX LCR, or RX Centre, sells for £300, and uses a sealed cabinet in which are mounted tweeter, mid/bass and bass units, while the £400 RXFX uses a single mid/bass driver and twin tweeters to create a switchable dipole/bipole surround speaker.

Completing the range is the RXW12 subwoofer, selling for £750 and combining a 500W Class D amplifier and a front-firing 30cm C-CAM driver.

It has a sealed enclosure for speed, a large 7.5cm voice coil, triple suspension for the driver and a a 'double stack' motor system for high power handling and low distortion.

A 12V connection allows remote switching, and the controls are mounted on the top-plate for easy access.

Monitor Audio plans to offer several packages based around these speakers: you can see the RS1AV12 system on our news story, and this is the RX6AV12, based around the smaller of the two pairs of floorstanders.