Monitor Audio launches new Gold speaker range for 2015

Monitor Audio claims the new Gold speaker range has a "trinity of enhancements", with key upgrades to the bass cone, tweeter and grille design promising to bring "greater transparency, consistency and visual sophistication".

Prices start at £950 for the most affordable compact bookshelf speaker, the Gold 50, and the range is due in shops from the beginning of February.

Those three upgrades begin with the Gold series ribbon tweeter, which while mechanically identical to its predecessor on the GX speakers, such as the Gold GX50, Monitor Audio claims improved production tolerances will equal a more open, detailed sound.

The bass drivers on the Gold series use a version of the company's dimpled Rigid Surface Technology (RST) cone, as first seen on the GR and GS speakers, as part of "a more efficient drive assembly" that should deliver cleaner, deeper, more accurate bass.

Lastly, there are now magnetically-fixed "floating" grilles, updating the look of the Gold range.

Monitor Audio Gold series 2015

  • 5.5in bass driver and C-CAM ribbon tweeter
  • 6.5in bass driver and C-CAM ribbon tweeter
  • Three-way design, twin 5.5in bass drivers, 4in midrange driver, ribbon tweeter
  • Three-way design, twin 6.5im bass drivers, 4in midrange driver, ribbon tweeter
  • Ultra-compact, twin 5.5in driver, ribbon tweeter
  • Three-way design, four-driver configuration
  • Direct or ambient surround sound, manual or automatic switch, six drivers, wall-mountable
  • 15in C-CAM bass driver, 650w D2Audio DSP amplifier
Joe Cox
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