MoFi Electronics announces its first pair of premium stereo speakers

MoFi SourcePoint 10
(Image credit: MoFi Electronics)

MoFi (Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs) might be better known for its recording label, but it also has a MoFi Electronics offshoot that specialises in making turntables, cartridges, phono stages and now, loudspeakers.

The SourcePoint 10 is MoFi Electronics' first pair of speakers, and these premium loudspeakers certainly promise a lot.

These standmounters are designed as "cost-no-object" two-way speakers with the intent to deliver the best sound quality possible, using proprietary technology for the driver and motor. The SourcePoint 10 speakers feature a custom 10-inch (25cm) concentric driver and a 1.25-inch (3cm) soft dome tweeter centrally fitted in the bass driver.

The concentric driver's large diameter is an ideal size for "minimising cone movement while producing deep bass", claims MoFi. It's made from a paper pulp mix that optimises resonance behaviour and works well with the tweeter waveguide. Meanwhile, the tweeter has a large-diameter voice coil and wide-roll surround, which is designed to help extend the frequency response at both ends. 

The SourcePoint 10 speakers are driven by a "Twin-Drive" magnet structure, which reportedly creates a fully symmetrical magnetic field that "eliminates flux modulation for extremely low intermodulation distortion (IMD)" - essentially it's what helps the speakers deliver high levels of clarity and accuracy.

Andrew Jones, chief speaker designer at MoFi, says: “It is not enough to simply optimise the frequency response of the woofer and tweeter. It is also critically important to minimise distortion in the motor structure of the drive unit. If the motor has distortion, it will generate new frequencies outside of the original signal. We have been very deliberate with the design of the motor to reduce these distortions.”

Jones is an industry-renowned speaker designer, having previously lent his expertise to KEF, TAD, Pioneer and, more recently, Elac – he worked on the Debut speaker series. The SourcePoint 10 marks the first speakers he has designed at MoFi Electronics. 

MoFi SourcePoint 10

(Image credit: MoFi Electronics)

The speakers themselves are mid-century inspired, and the multi-faceted baffle is designed to reduce diffraction. That means you should hear less of the cabinet's effect on the sound. The speaker cabinet is wrapped in real wood veneer and finished in satin walnut or black ash.

With a claimed 91dB sensitivity going into 8 ohms impedance (with a minimum of 6.4 ohms), MoFi wants to ensure these speakers are easy to drive with most amplifiers. Additionally, the cabinet itself has a massive internal volume of 50 litres – larger than most standmount speakers by a long mile and no doubt helping to deliver the huge swathes of bass extension and efficiency you can get from a large speaker. In comparison, our reference ATC SCM50 speakers have the same internal volume, while the more recent and Award-winning Mission 770 speakers have an internal volume of 38.5 litres.

The MoFi SourcePoint 10 speakers will be available from January 2023, costing £4,500 / $3699 per pair (about AU$7890), with optional dedicated stands available for £550 (about $650, AU$965).


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