MINI set to launch an internet radio to match your motor

MINI rocks sonoro

Developed with German design audio manufacturer sonar audio, the £375 MINI rocks sonoro Internet radio is said to 'combine urban chic with a boundless musical experience – a wonder of multi- functionality and a design hit in one.'

The casing is made from wood, with that MINI finish, and the front panel is acrylic, with brushed aluminium controls. The display is OLED, and is dimmable for easy viewing in a range of lighting conditions.

Digital equalisation is used for the 7.5cm full-range speaker, which is tuned with a reflex tube, and there's a line output for an external system, an external iPod dock and a radio frequency remote control.

The radio can stream content on a home network via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet, and will also access internet radio stations.

Four MINI channels are available, with presets to access them directly: MINI SPACE delivers alternative tracks, MINI UNITED chart hits and classics, MINI INTERNATIONAL has lounge/chilled music from around the world, and MINI CROSS is a hard rock channel.

The MINI rocks sonoro radio will be available from the end of this month.

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