Meridian unveils stylish iPod dock to partner Ferrari F80 system

Meridian i80

The rather predictably named i80 is designed to connect neatly into the Ferrari-branded F80 DVD/CD system via its Aux 3 input. Once plugged in, the F80 takes control of your iPod: the track information is relayed to the F80's OLED display, which you can browse through with your remote control.

As you'd expect, the dock is also capable of charging your iPod and features a USB connection so you can link it to your computer.

The manufacturer claims that the F80's intelligent conversion technology will unearth extra detail in your music. Meridian technical director Bob Stuart says: "The iPod is not really capable of offering the same sense of 'experience' that a high-quality audio system can. With the i80 dock, we are marrying together the convenience that the iPod offers with our expertise in sound quality and engineering."

As for the price, at £195 it's certainly one of the more expensive docks on the market, but there's no doubt that it looks the part, with interchangeable red and yellow trims so that you can match it with your F80 model – or perhaps even your Ferrari. Watch this space for a review.