Meet AKu Audio's five-strong range of otherworldly loudspeaker systems

(Image credit: AKu)

AKu Audio founder George Kazantzis hails from three generations of audio engineers. The story goes that he started his journey 16 years ago, designing and experimenting with high-end speakers and that journey has culminated in this remarkable-looking new range. 

Kazantzis says his team's goal was to reach the point where their development and design surpassed existing solutions in the global soundscape. We'd have to agree – these models don't look like they fit in any standard speaker category.

AKu's range comprises five loudspeaker systems. Enarghia is the company's flagship system, pictured below.

AKu Audio Enarghia

AKu Audio Enarghia (Image credit: AKu Audio)

AKu says this model is a high precision, patented system capable of delivering true live music dynamics with ease. It's also the culmination of a five-year R&D effort. Enarghia is an active three-way, five chamber floorstander with multi-layered proprietary body construction – and a quite unique aesthetic. (Oh, and just in case you didn't know, Enarghia in ancient Greek means the delivery of a clear definition, purity and coherence.) 

Enarghia is currently available direct from AKu, and as such, prices don't include  shipping and import/custom taxes (where applicable) but it is currently priced at €60000, for the complete active system including cabling, remote setup and tuning service. 

Next in line, Talos (main picture, named after the giant automaton which Hephaestus created to guard the island of Crete in the Aegean Sea) features a striking, kidney-shaped design. AKu says this model brings "studio quality sound to listeners who rightfully, do not accept cubism". 

Talos is an active three-way floorstander but with four chambers, featuring what AKu calls a "multi-layered proprietary body construction". It's available in four colourways: black, white and two red finishes, priced from €20000 excluding shipping and tax. 

AKu Audio Ichor

AKu Audio Ichor (Image credit: AKu Audio)

Ichor (above) is, AKu Audio says, one of the best performing near/midfield monitors in the world. Featuring single piece, cast-aluminum with high precision machining, it promises an ideal foundation for a pair of singular transducers to excel. Available as Ichor and Ichor EB (which adds two passive radiators for extended bass response), Ichor is an active two-way, two-chamber monitor with a proprietary cast-aluminum body.

And naturally, we don't need to remind you that Ichor in ancient Greek was the blood of Gods and kings; golden, powerful and toxic to mortals.

Ichor is priced at €10.000, and Ichor EB is €13.000 for the complete active system including cabling, remote setup and tuning service – but again, the price excludes shipping costs and any import taxes.

AKu Audio Drop

AKu Audio Drop (Image credit: AKu Audio)

As well as πerix, (AKu’s proposition for smaller systems, covering home theatre and desktop audio applications in configurations of 2.1, 5.1 and 7.2 sets, with optional wall mount, floorstanding and desktop versions) AKu's last range is its most affordable – and the pricing might surprise you. 

It might be AKu’s entry level solution, but there's been zero skimping on craftmanship and materials, according to its makers. The Greek audio firm says its Drop solution (above) is ideal for premium spaces which require a discreet and high-quality sound system for low and medium volume music. 

AKu's Drop series can be deployed in various configurations and can currently be finished in any colour you'd like, for no extra cost, although there are four standard colours. You've got passive full-range acoustic suspension satellite speakers with a passive 300W subwoofer, in a lathe-processed, stacked MDF cabinet construction. It is currently priced at €1000 for the Drop 2.1 passive set, and €1300 for the Drop 2.1 active Bluetooth set.

More information on AKu Audio's brand new products can be found at, but in case you're still wondering, AKu in Greek means 'listen', and it's actually pronounced 'Ah-coo'. Remember, you heard it here first...


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