McIntosh's bassy PS2K powered sub is a mammoth unit with an equally mammoth price tag

McIntosh P2SK Subwoofer
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High-end audio manufacturer McIntosh has announced the launch of a new PS2K powered subwoofer. 

It's a chunky unit with a huge tower design complete with four 33cm woofers, which McIntosh claims will "create new depths of low frequency" for "an unprecedented listening experience".

The large woofers are placed alongside massive magnets at the subwoofer's core, with the speaker incorporating McIntosh's Low Distortion High Performance (LD/HP) magnetic circuit design. This aims to reduce distortion while also increasing power and efficiency. 

Each of the four woofers is driven by a dedicated 500W Class D amp, bringing together 2000W of total power output. The amps themselves are specifically calibrated to reduce distortion and elicit a clear, tight bass with minimised sound distortion. McIntosh claims this means the PS2K is appropriate for music and home cinema usage. 

It's not all about the bass, though. The PS2K subwoofer improves sound elsewhere with the use of multi-layer carbon fibre cones. Previously, carbon fibre cones were made from a single layer of the material that could flex, something which could negatively impact sound. The new multi-layered carbon fibre cones are now integrated into a joint with a strengthened voice coil to create extreme rigidity that prevents unwanted flexing.

In addition to those reduced bass tones, the PS2K makes use of multi-layer carbon fibre cones which, when layered together, reduce unwanted flexibility and enhance the strength and rigidity of the units for a less distorted or warped sound. 

McIntosh P2SK Subwoofer

(Image credit: Mcintosh)

Away from driver design, the new subwoofer features a variety of connectivity options. Whether you have a two-channel stereo system or a multi-channel home theatre setup, the PS2K is equipped with balanced and unbalanced stereo inputs and outputs, plus balanced and unbalanced subwoofer inputs and outputs. You can also daisy chain for further connectivity for users who prefer to use more than one PS2K in a singular system.

Further, the PS2K is kitted out with McIntosh's own protection technologies for a more consistent, reliable sound. The American brand's patented Power Guard tech monitors the input signal entering the amps to make "near-speed of light adjustments to prevent harsh sounding clipping in real-time, according to McIntosh. Something called "Sentry Monitor", meanwhile, acts as a fuse-less short-circuit protection that clears the amp's output stage before the current exceeds safe operating levels and automatically resets when operating conditions go back to normal.

Unveiled at this week's CEDIA Expo in sunny Denver, Colorado, the PS2K sports a black gloss finish with a carbon trim and aluminium base, alongside glide feet for hard floors and spikes for carpets. 

The PS2K Powered Subwoofer will be available at Authorised McIntosh Dealers for £52,000 / €60,000 / $50,000.


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