Marantz Melody Stream
The Melody Media (M-CR610) and Melody Stream (M-CR510) hi-fi systems are official and on the way, offering streaming functionality, radio tuners, CD playback and more

Celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year, Marantz has officially confirmed two new Melody hi-fi systems, the Melody Media M-CR610 and the Melody Stream M-CR510.

Both sport a compact and elegant design, and of course look to deliver top-notch sound quality along with a host of cutting-edge wireless features and functions.

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We had a look at the two systems earlier this year and they certainly look very luxurious in the flesh. Both models feature AirPlay with Wi-Fi as standard. Spotify support is also included along with a new Marantz Remote App for both iOS and Android users.

The Melody Media is bigger than the Stream and comes with a CD player, FM/DAB tuners and access to Internet radio.

There's also a digital input plus front and back USB connections, which are Made for iPod and iPhone and support ALAC, FLAC HD and WAV 192/24 hi-res files.

The Stream does not offer either FM, DAB or CD playback, concentrating purely on digital services and offering all the network streaming capability featured in the Melody Media.

The Melody Media will go on sale for £499, with the Melody Stream priced at £399. Available in glossy black or black/white colour schemes, both systems are set for release from September. 

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by Kobina Monney

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