Marantz IS301
Marantz has come up with an unusual take on the iPod dock, using Bluetooth technology to transmit wirelessly from iPod to hi-fi

iPod docks are two-a-penny these days, but this new model from Marantz caught our eye.

Normally if you play your iPod through your hi-fi it has to be hard-wired to the system via a cable or dock.

Not so with the Marantz IS301, which uses A2DP Bluetooth technology to allow you to stream music from your iPod to your hi-fi wirelessly.

The £219.90 IS301 package includes a detachable Bluetooth-equipped module which plugs into your iPod and sends audio information to the docking station.

In turn, the docking station is connected to your hi-fi via a supplied RX receiver unit. The system will also work with any A2DP-equipped mobile device.

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If you prefer, the iPod can be docked in the conventional manner in the Marantz cradle, where it will be charged and can connect to iTunes via USB. The cradle can be placed on a table or wall mounted.

The RX receiver comes equipped with analogue audio, video and remote control inputs, plus phono, component video, S-Video and CVBS outputs.

The Marantz IS301 will be available in the UK from January 2009.