Manchester Show 2011: KEF R Series speakers make their UK debut

KEF R Series

Watch our video show report on the KEF R Series

One of the biggest launches here at Manchester is the much-anticipated R Series speakers from KEF, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

We had a sneak preview of them at the CEDIA Expo in America back in September, and now UK hi-fi lovers can get to see the full line-up at the show this weekend.

The R range will sit above the Q series of speakers and below KEF's Reference range – the position currently occupied by the XQ line-up.

As you can see from the group shot above, the KEF R range includes two standmount speakers, three floorstanders, a dipole surround option, a matching subwoofer and a choice of two centre speakers.

The speakers look beautifully finished: alongside Rosewood and Walnut veneers there's a piano-black high-gloss finish (pictured).

There's more technical info in our original news story, and if you can't make it to Manchester this weekend watch our video show report.

UK prices for the R Series are as follows:

KEF R100 two-way bookshelf speaker £600/pr

KEF R300 three-way bookshelf speaker £1000/pr

KEF R500 three-way floorstander £1500/pr

KEF R700 three-way floorstander £2000/pr

KEF R900 three-way floorstander £2750/pr

R200c three-way centre channel speaker £650

R600c three-way centre channel speaker £900

R800ds three-way dipole speaker £1000/pr

R400b closed-box subwoofer £1000

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