Man covers shed roof with 200 vinyl records

It seems the vinyl revival knows no bounds. Not content with seeing a surge in sales of records and turntables, one man decided the humble vinyl record could be far more versatile.

Mike Johnson, from Cambridgeshire, UK, has relaid the roof of his shed with around 200 vinyl records, saying "it was a lot cheaper than tiles".

Calling it his "lightbulb moment", Mr Johnson told the BBC he spent around £70 on 200 LPs - getting a bulk deal from a local charity shop - before taking a couple of days to build his special edition shed with his friend Peter Bull.

We just hope he didn't use any particularly valuable records, something that did have Mr Bull's brother in a spin. "Peter's brother kept looking at the records and saying, 'that must be worth a bob or two', but we weren't interested as they were all destined for the roof. Except for a few we broke," Mr Johnson said.

Records from Pinky and Perky and Vera Lynn did apparently make the cut, though there's no word on whether Lionel Richie's Dancing on the Ceiling has a place on the shed roof or any Shed Seven.

In order to better cover the edges of the roof, and to add a little decorative flair, Mr Johnson went to the trouble of bending the records using a gas cooker. And he didn't stop there - the record sleeves have been used as wallpaper for the outdoor toilet in his garden.

Let's hope he doesn't got any needle from his neighbours about the new design...

You can watch a video of the vinyl shed in all its glory on the BBC website.

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