Luxman readies trio of high-end hi-fi components – amplifiers and turntable on the way

Luxman_M-10X power amplifier
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Luxman’s centenary might not be until 2025, but the company already seems to be in full-on party mode and has announced the arrival of an impressive-looking trio of high-end separates.

We kick things off with the company’s new flagship stereo power amplifier, the M-10X (pictured above). The big news here is the introduction of LIFES, the Luxman Integrated Feedback System, which the company claims reduces distortion in the amplification stage to less than half of Luxman’s previous set-up.

The M-10X uses audio components and circuit boards that prioritise sound quality by optimising signal transmission, while the metal housing for the amp has been designed to minimise the effects of ground impedance due to chassis current.

The amp weighs in at a hefty 48kgs and the base is fitted with large density cast iron feet to help isolate it from vibrations. The amplifier, which is rated at 150W per channel into eight ohms can instantaneously develop up to 1200W per channel into one ohm also features a blasted white finish with analogue level meters on the front completing the design.

The Luxman M-10X is available now priced £16,000 / $19,995 / AU$24,990 (regional tax rates apply).

Luxman_L-507Z integrated amp

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The L-507Z (above) is the first integrated amplifier to emerge from Luxman’s ‘Z’ series. It features the same LIFES system as seen in the M-10X and features a new electronically controlled attenuator to minimise the reduction in sound quality through the full range of the amp’s volume control.

There’s also a new parallel headphone output design - besides the standard 6.3mm output, you get a 4.4mm output with independent left and right ground wiring. Luxman claims this improves separation between both channels “for the listener who wants to enjoy truly three-dimensional sound”.

Power is rated at 100W per channel into eight ohms with the amp using a custom made power transformer and newly-developed filter capacitors to help drive any speaker you choose to partner with it. It’s equipped with a newly developed MM/MC compatible phono amp circuit for a turntable, tone and balance controls, and a loudness function.

The finishing touches are obviously Luxman’s signature LED back-lit VU meters and a blasted white finish that matches the M-10X - how could anyone resist? The L507Z is yours for £8000 / $8,995 / AU$12,499 and is set to go on sale around the middle of this month.

Luxman_PD-151 record player

(Image credit: Luxman)

Last but by no means least is the Luxman PD-151 MKII turntable. The original, belt-driven PD-151 launched back in 2018 and this MKII version includes a number of upgrades. There’s a new brushless DC motor designed to enable controlled, precise drive for the turntable and a new S-shaped tonearm (known as the LTA-309). Records sit on a 4kg aluminium platter which has a large moment of inertia (MOI) to promote smooth and stable rotation.

Both the drive motor and power transformer have had internal damping material applied to reduce any interference with the audio signals going through the deck, while the underslung structure which sees heavy components attached to the underside of the turntable’s 10mm aluminium top panel to help with rigidity and vibration damping. The Luxman PD-151 MKII turntable goes on sale in September and will cost £5000 / $6490 which includes tonearm and dustcover (AUS pricing is still tbc).


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