If you're planning a trip away, or find yourself stranded in foreign climes, then how about a free app from Lonely Planet?

It's fair to say that a certain volcanic eruption has ensured foreign travel is on everybody's minds more than usual at the moment.

But if you're still planning a trip away or indeed if you're reading this while killing more time than expected in your destination of choice, then there's help on hand from Lonely Planet.

Arguably the world's most used and respected travel guide, Lonely Planet is currently offering a selection of its City Guide iPhone apps for free.

Usually on sale from the iTunes Store for £9.49, there are some thirteen City Guide apps available for free download until tomorrow, April 22nd.

They're fairly hefty, complete with maps, so you'll need a Wi-Fi connection – and we'd be wary of roaming charges should you be downloading them while abroad.

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A crafty piece of marketing no doubt but an excellent offer for those with itchy feet nevertheless.

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