Logic3 i-Station Podium
Multiple docks for Apple portables combine FM or internet radio, music playback and charging, priced from £35 to £100

Logic3 has added no fewer than six new docks to its i-Station range, with models for the iPhone, iPad and iPods.

There are two designs for the iPad: the i-Station Podium shown here, and the i-Station Base. The Podium is a cylindrical stereo speaker system/charger with a rotating mount so the iPad can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode as required.

It also includes a free app with a clock, calendar, internet radio, alarm function, voice recorder, EQ control and photo album. The Podium costs £70.

Alternatively you could plump for the Base, a simple rectangular block which your iPad slots into. Like the Podium, it plays and recharges simultaneously and comes with the same free app for £60.

If you're an iPhone or iPod owner, there are four new i-Station models to choose from: the £100 Combo with built-in CD player; the £100 SoundBar with 30W stereo speaker system, FM radio and composite or component video connection; the £70 i-Station26 compact 2.1 FM radio dock with subwoofer; and finally the £35 i-Station Lite with alarm clock and FM radio.

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All models are available from major retailers including HMV, Micro Anvika, Next, Amazon and Play.com.

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