Linn launches Organik DAC upgrade for all generations of Klimax DS and DSM

Linn Klimax DS
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Linn's reference Organik DAC, which debuted last year in the latest Klimax DSM as the first-ever all-Linn digital-to-analogue converter manufactured entirely in-house, is now being offered as an optional upgrade for every generation of its Klimax DS and Klimax DSM music streamers.

This latest offering means that every component in the company's flagship Klimax range, including the Klimax 350 integrated speakers and Klimax Exaktbox crossover/DAC, is now eligible for the Organik upgrade. Linn prides itself on being able to retrofit every generation of its products with its latest innovations if a customer so chooses, so this welcome compliance comes as no surprise.

Organik offers improved digital-to-analogue (and vice versa) conversion circuitry, provides support for DSD256 and 24-bit/384kHz streaming, and supports the latest version of Linn's software that also debuted in the 2021-released Klimax DSM. Considering the Klimax DSM is one of the very best music streamers we've ever heard (it "sets new standards for high-end streamers", we said in our five-star review), we're confident the Organik upgrade will make a significant sonic difference to legacy components.

Linn Klimax DSM

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You'd hope so for the £5400 cost of the upgrade, of course. That figure is the same to update a Klimax Exaktbox, while the Klimax 350 speakers demand a £10,800 fee.

Linn says Organik is the culmination of decades of digital design. It uses an 8-layer circuit board, the geometry of which Linn has taken great care to get right. Power for the conversion stage is generated by a discrete regulator and facilitated using multiple internal power planes for optimal delivery, while the clock traces are supposedly matched to within fractions of a millimetre for peak accuracy.


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