LG launches a battery-powered 27-inch TV that wheels around on a stand

LG launches a battery-powered 27in TV that wheels around on a stand
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Another day, another crackers LG TV. Yesterday it was the LG OLED Evo TV with a motorised Kvadrat cover, today it's the turn of a battery-powered TV that wheels around on a stand. Yep.

The peculiarly named LG StanbyME (you'd think there'd at least be a 'd' in there but there isn't according to LG's official press release), aka the 27Art10, is a 27-inch LCD TV that's apparently designed for modern living. Now we're all spending more time at home – the theory goes – we need TVs that are more flexible and versatile. Hence this model on a wheelie stand.

The idea is you can take it from room to room, so you can watch no matter what you're doing. Place it in front of the treadmill while you're working out, or in the kitchen when you're cooking. It detaches from its stand too, so unlike a Dalek it won't be phased by stairs.

Battery life is three hours, which should last you a standard-length film (though not a Peter Jackson epic). Hopefully you won't be too far from a plug so you can stay mains-powered for most of your viewing.

The screen swivels and tilts, too, and the stand is height-adjustable, so you can watch on the sofa without it towering over you. And you can stream content to it from your phone using Mobile Screen Mirroring. 

You can place your phone on it using the removable cradle, which is a handy place to store it during online fitness classes or video calls. And it has USB and HDMI connections for hooking up a laptop or games console.

You operate it using the touchscreen, so it's essentially a giant tablet. Its UI is "unlike any TV UI" and is tailored to your viewing habits, LG says, though it doesn't elaborate. It also hasn't released more details on specs and whether it handles HDR

When not in use it can show artwork or your photos, which will make it less of an encumbrance.

So, the future of viewing? Or the televisual equivalent of a hospital drip? We'll know more when the TV is showed off in the flesh at CES, which starts on 4th January.


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