LG CX and GX OLED TVs now support 4K@120Hz with Dolby Vision

(Image credit: LG / Stray, Annapurna Interactive)

LG has begun rolling out a Dolby Vision at 120Hz firmware update for its 2020 CX and GX OLED TVs, just as it promised it would.

"The firmware is now available for manual download via LG's support pages in the US (version 04.30.10) and the UK (version 04.30.10) , and elsewhere," reports flatpanelshd. "The new firmware also fixes the VRR counter for HDMI 2.1 input in the info box that can be enabled by pressing the green button multiple times."

Previously, both LG TVs could only manage to play games in Dolby Vision at 60Hz, meaning Xbox Series X owners couldn't max out the high-end picture performance of their machines.

If you're not in any hurry, there's no need to download the new update on to a USB stick and manually install it. LG has already confirmed that the global rollout should see every CX or GX receive an automatic OTA (over the air) update by the end of the month (you'll get a pop-up notification).

Earlier this year, LG did the same for its 2021 OLED TVs, releasing an over-the-air update that gave its B1, C1 and G1 panels the ability to handle 4K@120Hz with Dolby Vision.

LG's timing couldn't be better. A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced that Dolby Vision is now available (or soon will be) on more than 100 Xbox titles, enabling "brighter highlights, sharper contrast, and more vibrant colours".

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    "Great"...they chase numbers and stuff like that, but how about returning DTS encoding support to their "glory line"? I mean the last LG I've had that supported DTS was C9, and CX, CG and C1 don't...