Samsung US 3D TV share
Market research shows well over 85% of US 3D TV sales are Samsungs, and company also leads most other sectors

New research by US market research company NPD Group shows that Samsung is taking the North American 3D TV market by storm.

In sales up to August year, the South Korean giant achieved a staggering 86.3% of the total US 3D TV market, as part of a claimed million-plus 3D TVs shipped.

That's actually slightly down from the figures it recorded for the March-July period, when it held an 88.3% market share, but it's unlikely anyone at Samsung's going to be worried too much.

After all, it also leads the US market in digital TVs, with a 25.1% share, LCD (23.3%) and total flat panel TV sales (25.2%). And it dominates the LED-lit TV and internet-enabled TV markets in the States, with shares of 50.7% and 56.2% respectively.

And at the CEATEC 2010 show in Japan, which is currently running, the company is demonstrating TVs compatible with WIMAX wireless broadband technology.

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These are able to stream Full HD 3D content from the internet over the system, which is capable of speeds of up to 330Mbps.

It also has a major showcase of its products at the Commonwealth Games, taking place at the moment in Delhi.

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