KEF confirms new KHT style speaker packages and prices

KEF KHT2005.3 K1

The Award-winning KEF KHT3005SE gets a price cut from £1300 to £1200, and is joined by a second, more affordable version, the £1000 KHT3005SE K2.

The K2 model has the same centre and satellite speakers, but gets the 200W KUBE-2 subwoofer instead of the 250W HTB2SE.

A third version, the KHT3005SE-W with the wireless HTB2SE-W subwoofer, will go on sale for £1300 from September.

And the smaller KEF KHT2005.3 package also gets a second version, the £700 KHT2005.3 K1 with the KUBE-1 subwoofer, also available from August 1st.

The KUBE-1's sealed cabinet is designed to be space saving, and its onboard 150W amplifier powers a 20cm long-throw bass driver.

The four HTS2001.3 'egg' satellites and HTC2001.3, with their Uni-Q driver arrray, metal-dome tweeters and cast aluminium enclosures, remain the same.

Meanwhile the existing KHT2005.3 system, with the 200W KUBE-2 sub, continues as before, but is now £800. The entry-level KHT 1005.2 remains at £500.

We've just reviewed the new KHT3005SE K2 package in our September issue, on sale now, and we'll be testing the KHT2005.3 K1 system in our October issue, on sale August 19th.